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  • PVC sheathed copper tube

    PVC sheathed copper tubePVC sheathed copper tube is also called instrument air source tube. FTPC series anti-corrosion control system cable is developed according to foreign imported samples and...Read More

  • Adjust needle valve

    Adjust needle valvePrecautions for adjusting the needle valve installation: 1) The installation position, height, and inlet and outlet direction must meet the design requirements. Note tha...Read More

  • 304 stainless steel tube joint

    304 stainless steel tube joint304 stainless steel tube joints are reliable, easy to use, well-made, lightweight and beautiful. No welding, material saving, and repeated assembly and disassembly perfor...Read More

  • Stainless steel bridge pipe joint

    Stainless steel bridge pipe jointStainless steel bridge fittings are based on a superior variety of bridges. Focus on improvement in heat insulation, heat dissipation and fire protection. The structure a...Read More

  • Stainless steel incubator

    Stainless steel incubatorThe heating method of the instrument incubator also uses steam heating. The box is equipped with a heat pipe, a solenoid valve and a temperature control device to ensure ...Read More

  • bridge connector

    bridge connectorThe surface treatment of the bridge fittings is: white zinc plating, zinc plating, hot-dip galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing. Reinforced bridge joints can be selected for ...Read More

  • Stainless steel imitation ball valve

    Stainless steel imitation ball valveUsed in industrial self-controlled piping systems for refining, chemicals, electricity, medicine, paper, sugar, aerospace, food, machinery, etc. Stainless steel imitatio...Read More

  • Fire-retardant fireproof series bridge

    Fire-retardant fireproof series bridgeThe flame retardant fireproof series bridge is mainly composed of a composite of a fireproof board and a metal skeleton composited with a glass fiber reinforced material ...Read More

  • cone seal welded joint

    cone seal welded jointFittings are an essential connection in hydraulic fluid transmission and general purpose piping systems and are widely used in the automotive, machine tool, construction ...Read More

  • Socket welding straight joint

    Socket welding straight jointSocket welded pipe fittings include straight-through, curved-through, three-way, and four-way, and have different diameters and equal diameters. There is no thread inside...Read More

  • Stainless steel pressure gauge connector

    Stainless steel pressure gauge connectorButt-welded stainless steel pressure gauge joints, internal and external wire adapters, internal and external wire pressure gauge joints, transmitter adapters are mainly ...Read More

  • Socket welding tee joint

    Socket welding tee jointNominal pressure of socket welding head: 2.5MPa, 16Mpa, 25MPA, 64MPA Applicable temperature: ≤250°C Applicable medium: non-corrosive or corrosive medium such as oil, wat...Read More

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