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How to prevent leaks from ferrule joints
- 2019-07-22-
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Sleeve joints have the advantages of simple structure, easy to use and no welding. However, in the medium and high pressure hydraulic system, if the operation is improper, it will often form a leakage, which will affect its promotion and use. The singular pipe fittings factory has summarized some experiences through years of practice and obtained a good effect. (1) Pre-installation 1 Pre-assembly of the ferrule type pipe joint is the most important part, which directly affects the reliability of the seal. A dedicated preloader is generally required. The small diameter pipe joint can be pre-assembled on the vise. The specific method is to use a joint body as the mother body and press the nut and the ferrule onto the pipe. There are mainly ferrule-type straight-through pipe joints, ferrule-type end straight-through heads, and ferrule-type three-way joints. The author found that even the same batch of the same manufacturer, the depth of the tapered holes on these joints are often different, and the result is a leak, and this problem is often overlooked. The correct approach should be to connect the connector at one end of the tube, and the corresponding end is pre-assembled with the same type of connector, which prevents the leakage problem. 2 The end faces of the tubes should be flush. After the pipe is sawn, it should be smoothed on the grinding wheel and other things, and the burrs should be removed, cleaned and washed with high-pressure air before use. 3 When pre-installing, the coaxiality of the pipe and the joint body should be adhered as much as possible. If the pipe is too skewed, the seal failure will be formed. 4 preloading force should not be too large. The inner edge of the ferrule should be inserted into the outer wall of the tube, and the ferrule should not be significantly deformed. When the pipeline is connected, the regular tightening force is installed. The tightening force of the φ16-10mm ferrule is 64-115N, and the φ16mmr 259Nφ18mm is 450N. If the ferrule becomes severe when pre-assembled, the sealing effect will be lost. (2) Stop the participation of fillers such as sealants. In order to obtain a better sealing effect, a sealant is applied on the ferrule, and the result sealant is flushed into the liquid system to form a malfunction of the hydraulic component clogging. (3) When connecting the pipeline, the pipe should have a satisfactory deformation margin to prevent the pipe from being subjected to tensile stress. (4) When connecting the pipeline, it should be prevented from being subjected to lateral force, and the lateral force is too large to form a tight seal. (5) When connecting the pipeline, it should be tight at one time to prevent multiple disassembly, otherwise the sealing function will be deteriorated.

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