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Multiple forms of explosion-proof electrical welding
- 2019-07-03-
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Explosion-proof appliances There are many forms of welding deformation, for example:
1 When the flat I-shaped groove is butt welded, because the weld seam reduces the longitudinal and lateral directions of the explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet, the size of the entire explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet is reduced after welding, which is called “shortening deformation”. 2 When the flat V-groove is butt welded, because the cross-sectional shape of the weld is up and down, the weld is shortened unevenly; therefore, after welding, a workpiece is placed between the workpieces of the explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet along the weld direction. The angle is the so-called "angular deformation". 3 Regarding the plate, when the T-shaped groove is welded, the welding structure is asymmetrical due to the single-side welding, and the weld is shortened unevenly. Therefore, the workpiece of the explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet after welding is warped, so-called "tortuous deformation". ". 4 When welding a thin plate, under the action of welding stress, the explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet workpiece will exhibit irregular warpage after cooling, so-called "wave deformation". In the welding of the explosion-proof electrical equipment casing, these welding deformations are of great concern. For example, for a flameproof enclosure of an explosion-proof electrical device, the junction box cavity is sometimes separated from the main cavity by a partition, where the spacer welding is a flat T-shaped bevel weld. Another example is that the positive pressure housing of a positive pressure type electrical device may be deformed when it is installed using a thin plate welded structure. 2. Preventive measures for welding stress and welding deformation of explosion-proof electrical appliances. The fundamental measures to prevent the generation and elimination of welding stress and welding deformation, in addition to the design factors of welded structural parts, mainly based on the explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet parts. Materials and welded structures take some simple and feasible process measures during the welding process. (1) Process measures to reduce welding stress