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Please pay attention to the dust-proof flexible connecting tube!
- 2019-07-02-
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The dust-proof flexible connecting tube has the advantages of flame resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and flexibility. This series can be disassembled and supplied by the user for temporary installation on site. Dust-proof flexible connecting pipe is widely used in chemical instrument engineering systems such as chemical industry, light industry, textile, machinery, etc. The dust-proof flexible connecting pipe is especially suitable for places where the difficulty of piping of chemical steel pipe wiring is difficult, as dustproof and anti-corrosive electrical appliances. In and out of the line. The dust-proof flexible connecting pipe is used as a connection place for the entrance and exit line of the explosion-proof electrical equipment or the place where the steel pipe wiring is difficult to bend. The two ends are metal threaded joints, the pipe body part is divided into metal hoses, the outer layer is covered with high-quality rubber and reinforced Nyb tube sheath and laminated steel wire mesh pipe. The connecting pipe has the advantages of flame resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, excellent flexibility, firm structure and firm operation, and is a widely used product. What are the details of the dust-proof flexible connecting pipe when you need to connect the device? 1. When the equipment is to be used for both ends of the dust-proof flexible connecting pipe, it is not required to use a cable to seal the joint, and both ends of the hose are equipped with an explosion-proof joint. In the performance of the pipeline of the artificial equipment, it is possible to handle all the small details of the internal requirements of the pipeline. When the equipment is used, the two ends of the pipeline are manually lifted, and then the construction personnel at the bottom of the tank are allowed to carry out the equipment. In the process of the equipment, the requirements apply to something, including ropes, rigs, and so on. 2. For the equipment of the dust-proof flexible connecting pipe, care should be taken to carry the equipment at both ends of the thread along the direction of the other end of the equipment, so that the dust-proof flexible connecting pipe does not present the two devices during the working process. The end is loose and the cable can pass very well. 3. After the dust-proof flexible connecting pipe equipment is turned back, it is necessary to adjust the length of the pipe accordingly, adjust the rearward direction, and then check the spacing between the equipment and the equipment or equipment and the power supply, and try to keep the pipe straight. Situation, avoiding the appearance of a damaged appearance.