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Overview of instrument protection box
- 2019-07-02-
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       Meter Protection Box The feeder cabinet is an insulation and maintenance equipment for the external appearance or transmitter of the local equipment. It is an important method for the appearance of a surface or transmitter equipment. The instrument protection box (transmitter cabinet) is made by absorbing the strength improvement equipment of similar products at home and abroad. Can be widely used in electric power, chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, building materials and other industries, received the unanimous welcome and praise from users and equipment units. The structure of the instrument protection box (transmitter cabinet) is made by bending and welding cold-rolled steel sheets, and the material thickness is ≮2.5mm. In the incubator, 2.5mm thick flame retardant, light weight, good water repellency, small thermal conductivity, centrifugal ultra-fine glass wool is used as the insulation layer, and the inner lining is made of embossed aluminum plate. The instrument protection box (transmitter cabinet) is a self-supporting structure that uses straight ground equipment. It has sufficient strength to withstand certain mechanical, electrical and thermal stresses. The instrument protection box (transmitter cabinet) adopts the inclined rainproof top cover structure, and the sealing strip is installed between the door and the box body. The sealing strip is selected well, and the mounting process is outstanding, which is suitable for use in field equipment. The outer surface is free of welds, rivets or bolt heads on the outside, and the entire outer surface should be lubricated. The instrument protection box (transmitter cabinet) is equipped with Φ60 seamless steel pipe as the equipment bracket of the transmitter. The transmitter on the equipment bracket can move up and down and left and right to meet the field transmitter. Pressure regulating pipe construction equipment conditioning needs. Transmitter device tube level setting. The electric heating method is used in the external incubator, and the heating, heat preservation and temperature control system is provided to control and ensure that the temperature inside the box is kept within the set (adjustable) range of 10 °C ± 2 °C. The heating element is equipped with a protective cover.