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About the production of the instrument incubator
- 2019-07-02-
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       The instrument incubator is made up of the strength improvement equipment of similar products in the national watch. Can be widely used in electric power, chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, building materials and other occupations. Many people are very curious about the manufacturing process of the instrument incubator. I want to know how it was made. Let's take a look today!
The instrument incubator is made of food-grade environmentally friendly LLDPE material, which is advanced in the world. The rotary molding process is refined and finished at one time. It is equipped with a marine stainless steel lock and a rubber anti-skid pad on the bottom. It is non-toxic, odorless, UV-resistant, non-discoloring, surface lubricated, easy to clean, and has good thermal insulation effect. Not afraid of falling, can be used for life. The product is used in conjunction with ice packs to ensure that the cooling effect exceeds the same professional standards. Continuous refrigerated holding time can last for several days. The instrument incubator case is made of a special method of glass fiber reinforced plastic or steel plate. The box body is divided into a box body and a lower box body (for a bevel-type anastomosis, the box at the lower end of the anastomosis surface is curved). The upper and lower boxes are connected by stainless steel hinges, sealed by rubber strips, and the lower end is made of stainless steel slings for compression. The front door has an observation window, and there is a tilting rain cover. The door and the box are made of splash-proof structure, which can prevent rain and dust, and is suitable for the device in the room. The upper box can be opened 90° upwards, and the box is equipped with an open support. The butterfly nut can be tightened to fix the open orientation, which facilitates the installation and debugging of the exterior. The bottom of the box is equipped with an outer bracket that can move forward and backward and left and right on the slide rails, which is convenient for adjusting the orientation of the external device and providing a comfortable working environment for engineers and technicians. The rear side of the box has a disassembled tube plate for wearing various pipelines. A certain number of plastic sealing cable joints are used at the bottom of the tank.