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What is a welded joint
- 2019-07-03-

       Welded joints are two or more parts The joint to be welded is to be used. Or a joint that joins two or more parts by welding, including welds, fusion zones, and heat affected zones. The welded welded joint is formed by local heating by a high temperature heat source. Welded joints consist of weld metal, fusion zone, heat affected zone and base metal. The mechanical function of the welded joint is determined by its chemical composition and arrangement. Thus, the factors that affect the chemical composition of the weld and the arrangement of the welded joint affect the function of the welded joint. Welding materials
The welding wire for arc welding, submerged arc active welding and gas maintenance welding, etc., become a part of the weld metal after melting, which directly affects the chemical composition of the weld metal. Flux also affects the chemical composition of the weld. Welding method
The heat source of different welding methods has different temperature and heat concentration. Therefore, the size of the heat-affected zone and the thickness of the welded joint arrangement are different, and the function of the joint is different. In addition, different welding methods have different mechanical maintenance effects. Therefore, the degree of purity of the weld metal, that is, the content of harmful impurities, the function of the weld will be different. Welding Process When welding, the general name of the physical quantity (such as welding current, arc voltage, welding speed, line energy, etc.) selected to ensure the welding quality is called the welding process parameter. Welded pipe joints are suitable for medium: oil, water, gas and other non-corrosive or corrosive media. For welded sealed pipe joints, the standard requirements for steel pipes are flexible, and after welding with pipes, they have a firm connection. The sealing function is good, so it is widely used in refining, chemical, light industry, textile, national defense, metallurgy, aviation, ship and other systems; it is also applicable to various hydraulic engineering pipelines such as mechanical engineering and machine tools. When the production of the ferrule type joint is not enough, and in the case of strong corrosion, it is preferred.

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