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Installation requirements for ferrule joints
- 2019-07-03-

       First from Sleeve Connector The quality of the assembly process is first introduced, telling you how to use the correct assembly method to ensure the quality of the assembly. Pre-assembly technical preparations Before looking at the ferrule joints of the unit's hydraulic system, look at the parameters and technical data and the re-preparation tool unit. Assembly of the ferrule type steel pipe joints. The important part of the ferrule joint device, if the direct device will affect the reliability of the seal, then you can first test the small diameter pipe joint on the vise. Installed, there are pre-installers that are generally required. The detailed implementation of the device process is as follows: 1. A sawing of a length of seamless steel pipe of suitable length. 2. The nut and the card are placed in a seamless steel pipe. At this time, pay attention to the direction of the nut and the ferrule, and pay attention to carefully check it. 3. Apply mechanical lubricant to the thread and the ferrule on the pre-assembled joint, insert the tube into the joint body, insert the seamless steel tube to the bottom, and hold the tool to tighten the nut. If the seamless steel pipe is not inserted into the bottom, it will cause oil leakage. 4. Tighten the nut to the ferrule and then catch the seamless steel tube. When the turning point is reached, the torque can be tightened. After feeling the pressure point, tighten the nut to tighten it 1 to 2 turns. 5. Disassemble the fitting fittings of the fitting, and check how the insertion of the edge of the ferrule is filled. The protruding belt must fill the space of the ferrule end. The ferrule can be rotated slightly by 1/2 turn, but not the shaft. It has always gone. 6. After the device is finished, the joint body and thread after the device are coated with mechanical lubricating oil, you can test the tightening force of the device, try to tighten 1/2 turn first, if there is no loose space, it can .