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Use and characteristics of cast steel threading box
- 2019-07-03-

       Casting steel thread box This product is an increased safety type, aluminum alloy shell, electrostatic spray on the outside, beautiful appearance. The joint between the cover body is sealed with an oil-resistant rubber sealing gasket, and the port is connected by a cylindrical pipe thread and a cable pipe. The casing of the threading box is made of aluminum alloy ZL102, and its tensile strength is not less than 120 MPa, and the total amount of magnesium and titanium is not more than 7.5% (component ratio). I. Application and maintenance User Regular maintenance should be used when using this product. The sealing gasket of the threading box is made of oil-resistant rubber 3001. During the operation or repair process, if the aging phenomenon is found, it should be purchased and replaced in time to prevent the explosion-proof function of the product. 2. Transportation and storage The threading box should be protected from impact or severe vibration during transportation, and should be protected against rain and snow. The threading box should be stored in air circulation, no dripping water and liquid to invade. The ambient temperature is not higher than +40 ° C and not lower than -25 ° C, and the relative humidity of air is not more than 98% (+25 ° C). In the warehouse.   Third, product features:
1, cast steel shell, improve the mechanical joint strength. 2, the appearance of hot dip zinc plus electroplating, electrostatic spraying, CNC lathe processing and other processes, beautiful shape, anti-oxidation effect. 3. Various structural forms, special ferrule coupling type, convenient connection, tight sealing, greatly improving work efficiency, and convenient for users to install and use on site. 4, the gasket is sealed with rubber and plastic elastomer, anti-aging, excellent sealing effect. 5, in line with the standard requirements
This product is widely used in power, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other factories with explosive mixture of risk field location steel pipe wiring for wire and pipe connection and various bending use. 1. Increased safety structure;
2. The shell is first subjected to high-speed shot blasting, and then the high-pressure electrostatic spray process is adopted. The plastic powder has strong adhesion and has good anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and anti-static properties. Anti-sunlight and other functions;
3. The outer casing has good explosion-proof function;
4. The joint surface of the threading box and the cover is rubber sealed, which has good sealing performance and strong waterproof function; Various forms, customers can choose as needed;