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Structural characteristics of instrument incubator
- 2019-07-03-

 Instrument incubator structure features:
1, the cabinet is made of shell (optional epoxy resin) ) FRP or steel plate is made by special process;
2. The box body is divided into upper box body and lower box body (for inclined surface type, which conforms to the arc shape of the lower end part box). The upper and lower boxes are connected by stainless steel hinges, sealed by rubber strips, and the lower end of the equipment is stainless steel shackles for compression. The front door has an observation window, a tilting rain cover, and a splash-proof structure between the door and the box, which can prevent rain and dust, and is suitable for the equipment in the room surface;
3, the upper box can be opened upwards 90°, and the box is equipped with open support. The butterfly nut can be tightened to fix the open position, and then it is convenient to be in the box and debug the exterior;
4. The bottom of the box is installed to move forward and backward, left and right on the slide rail. The outer bracket is convenient for regulating the position of the external equipment, and provides a comfortable working environment for the engineering and technical personnel; 5, the rear side of the box has a disassembled tube plate for wearing various pipelines. A certain number of plastic sealing cable connectors are used at the bottom of the box. For the purpose of introducing and receiving cables, in addition, it can be qualitatively designed;
6. The inner wall of the incubator is laid with a 20mm thick insulation layer. The box is equipped with a heating system and temperature control equipment. The electric heater power is user-defined. It can be equipped with pipeline heating source and temperature control equipment; 7. The heating method of the incubator also uses steam heating. The box is equipped with a heat pipe, a solenoid valve and temperature control equipment to ensure that the temperature inside the box is kept within the set range.
    Equipment Operation:
1. The height of the equipment should not exceed 2000 meters;
2. The cabinet should be straight and fastened with bolts. It is equipped with equipment chassis for outdoor equipment. The chassis is manufactured on site, and can also be supplied by the factory according to user requirements. (The height of the chassis is 200-400mm, and the L40×40×4 angle iron is bent); 3. The insulation layer on the bottom of the insulation box can be moved. When the equipment is fastened, the movable part of the bottom of the box can be insulated. The layers are removed to facilitate the device. After the equipment is finished, it will be installed in the reduction place;
4, the cable is led to the terminal block of the box by the bottom cable joint;
5, other pipelines are introduced from the rear side through the tube sheet. The tube tube is disassembled;
6. The transmitter device is placed on the device tube of 50 mm inside the box. The equipment tube and the two side columns can be moved so that the equipment can be arbitrarily adjusted.
    Ordering Information:
1, standard definition type, standard, quantity;
2, heater power. (If there is no requirement to be routinely matched);
3, when the steam is heating, the steam pressure and temperature parameters need to be supplied;
4. Whether to equip the equipment chassis and the pipeline heating automatic control equipment (ie, electronic Regulator), if not required, generally does not match.