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Explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe connection
- 2019-07-03-

Explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe (referred to as explosion-proof flexible pipe) with its high-quality explosion-proof function, so most of the time is It is used in the connection line between the explosion-proof products and the electrical appliances in the risk area with some flammable gas in the air. Since more time is used in such areas, it is also necessary to use the function of the roots. Has a certain explosion-proof function. Generally, the joints at both ends of the price of the explosion-proof flexible pipe in such a risk zone are metal threaded joints, and the total number of pipe bodies is fully fabricated using metal soft tubes, and on the surface thereof. Some of the outer layers are wrapped with a special sheath used by rubber or Nibble hoses, and the protective effect of the steel mesh tube is ensured. In all explosion-proof applications, the safety of the application is ensured. In addition, the explosion-proof flexible pipe itself has excellent characteristics, flame resistance and oil resistance, and in the long-term operation, it does not present a corrosion appearance due to time, and is etched for a long time. There is no need to worry about the water pollution, and it will lose its own explosion-proof function due to the influence of the external environment. According to the scientific verification and the application of the parties, the explosion-proof flexible pipe has excellent flexibility in the application process, and with its strong structure and then excellent anti-explosion and joint effect in the working work. In general, since the flexible pipe has different operating areas, the length of the flexible pipe may be selected differently, generally 500, 700, 1000, etc. The use of sex tubes is generally a region with more flammable dust. Therefore, the demand for dust prevention is relatively severe.