• Stainless steel bridge pipe joint

    Stainless steel bridge pipe jointStainless steel bridge fittings are based on a superior variety of bridges. Focus on improvement in heat insulation, heat dissipation and fire protection. The structure a...Read More

  • bridge connector

    bridge connectorThe surface treatment of the bridge fittings is: white zinc plating, zinc plating, hot-dip galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing. Reinforced bridge joints can be selected for ...Read More

  • Explosion-proof junction box junction box

    Explosion-proof junction box junction boxThis series of explosion-proof junction boxes have extensively absorbed the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, using international standards, suitable for...Read More

  • Explosion-proof junction box

    Explosion-proof junction boxThe explosion-proof junction box housing is made of cast aluminum alloy. The surface of the explosion-proof junction paint is smooth and beautiful. The explosion-proof su...Read More

  • Explosion-proof threading box

    Explosion-proof threading boxA brief description: The explosion-proof threading box housing is made of aluminum alloy ZL102, and its tensile strength is not less than 120MPa, and the total content o...Read More

  • cast steel threading box

    cast steel threading boxThe cast steel threading box follows the needs of modern construction, and the laying of wires, cables and cables is being carried out in the direction of standardization...Read More

  • Metal hose connector cable gland

    Metal hose connector cable glandMade of aluminum alloy, with mechanical cable clamping equipment and anti-extraction equipment. Made of high-quality carbon steel aluminum alloy or stainless steel, it ha...Read More

  • Dust-proof flexible connecting pipe

    Dust-proof flexible connecting pipeDust-proof flexible connecting pipe is widely used in chemical instrument engineering systems such as chemical industry, light industry, textile, machinery, etc. It is es...Read More

  • Explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe type

    Explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe typeThe nominal diameter of the stainless steel explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe is generally 8, (13), 15, 20, 25, (32), 36, 51, 64, 75 mm; stainless steel The length...Read More

  • Explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe manufacturer

    Explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe manufacturerStainless steel stainless steel explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe is mainly used for explosive mixed Q-2 level, as the explosion-proof electrical equipment in and ...Read More

  • Explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe

    Explosion-proof flexible connecting pipeDescription of stainless steel explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe: It is a key accessory in explosion-proof electrical engineering. This product is mainly used in e...Read More