• cone seal welded joint

    cone seal welded jointFittings are an essential connection in hydraulic fluid transmission and general purpose piping systems and are widely used in the automotive, machine tool, construction ...Read More

  • Socket welding straight joint

    Socket welding straight jointSocket welded pipe fittings include straight-through, curved-through, three-way, and four-way, and have different diameters and equal diameters. There is no thread inside...Read More

  • Stainless steel pressure gauge connector

    Stainless steel pressure gauge connectorButt-welded stainless steel pressure gauge joints, internal and external wire adapters, internal and external wire pressure gauge joints, transmitter adapters are mainly ...Read More

  • Socket welding tee joint

    Socket welding tee jointNominal pressure of socket welding head: 2.5MPa, 16Mpa, 25MPA, 64MPA Applicable temperature: ≤250°C Applicable medium: non-corrosive or corrosive medium such as oil, wat...Read More

  • Welded joints

    Welded jointsProduct Name: Butt Welded Joint Connector specifications: ZG1/4- 14, ZG3/8- 14, ZG1/2- 14, 1/4NPT- 14, 3/8NPT- 14, 1/2NPT- 14, 1/2NPT-M20 *1.5-14*3 Material: 20#,201,304...Read More