• Special rubber seal products

    Special rubber seal productsSpecial rubber seals are suitable for installation on a variety of mechanical equipment, sealing at rest or in motion under varying temperature and pressure and in differ...Read More

  • Nylon retaining cap

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  • galvanized steel pipe retaining cap

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  • cast steel threading box

    cast steel threading boxCast steel threading box Features: 1. Cast steel shell to improve mechanical connection strength 2. Surface is hot dip galvanized and electroplated, electrostatic spray, ...Read More

  • Aluminum alloy explosion-proof junction box

    Aluminum alloy explosion-proof junction boxExplosion-proof junction box is a special equipment used in various high-risk areas. Compared with the civilian junction box, it is an explosion-proof junction box that h...Read More

  • Stainless steel explosion-proof junction box

    Stainless steel explosion-proof junction boxStainless steel explosion-proof junction box shell is welded with high-quality 304 steel plate and has beautiful appearance. This product is divided into explosion-proof ...Read More

  • Aluminum junction box

    Aluminum junction boxProcess characteristics and performance of aluminum alloy junction box: ●The door panel and the box are installed according to the general standard with special screws an...Read More

  • Stainless steel threading box

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